The ProposalExecs Roundtable Series brings together a select group of business development and proposal executives from leading government contracting organizations for peer-to-peer roundtable discussions on topics tailored to the unique challenges of winning government business.

Participants gain shared knowledge, fresh perspectives, actionable advice and benchmarking opportunities — all in an intimate, confidential setting facilitated by an industry veteran.

November 14, 2019
8:00 am - 8:30 am, Breakfast & Meet the Participants
8:30 am - 9:45 am, Roundtable Discussion
9:45 am - 10:00 am, Networking Break
10:00 am - 11:00 am, Roundtable Discussion

Proposal Development Consultants Corporate Office
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Price to Win: Useful, or Mostly Smoke and Mirrors?

Anyone who has been part of bidding and winning large government contracts for years has likely experienced a Price to Win (PTW) analysis. A classic PTW should be focused on a solicitation’s likely competitors, typically limited to the top three to five, and will include an analysis of each competitor’s anticipated solution and total price. The PTW will fall somewhere within the estimated price range of the selected bidders based, in part, on how each bidder’s solution/technical proposal, and other non-price factors, will be ranked. Larger contractors often have their own in-house PTW team, while small to mid-sized firms mostly rely on consultants.

Not surprisingly, there is a wide spectrum of usefulness with PTW analysis, which is dependent partly on the PTW firm/analyst, and partly on the volume and quality of the competitive data required for a meaningful PTW.

The purpose of this roundtable is to share our collective PTW thoughts and experiences. We’ll also discuss Pricing Strategy, which has an internal (bidder-specific) focus and should be applied to every significant opportunity. Our primary goals are to walk away with a better understanding of the following:

  • What key factors/data allow a PTW to add significant value?
  • When is the optimum time to deploy the PTW tool, keeping in mind the availability of useful intelligence balanced by the bid timing?
  • What is the relationship between sound Pricing Strategy and a PTW analysis? When should they intersect, should they be firewalled, or a little bit of both?

Who should attend:
Government Contract veterans with “Growth-Oriented” objectives including C-Suite and VP-Suite execs, Business Unit Leads, Capture, Business Development, Pricing and anyone else with bidding and winning responsibilities.

Please note, in order to ensure the most relevant and beneficial discussion for all attendees, participation is by special invitation and intended for the recipient only.


Joel D. Krock, Director of Pricing Strategy, Peraton

Joel has more than 30 years of progressive experience focusing on Pricing Strategy, Price to Win (PTW), Business Operations, and Financial Management within major corporations including Lockheed Martin, Unisys Federal Systems, URS and Peraton. Prior to his current role, Joel spent three years creating, growing and managing Formulas for Growth, a consulting shop supporting winning bids for clients of all sizes across the full spectrum of the US Federal Government. Joel’s notable wins include opportunities within the following agencies: Intel Community (IC), USAF, DHS, NASA, and NIH. Joel holds an MBA from Babson College, with a current active DoD security clearance.

Today, Joel is providing strategic pricing support and continuity to Peraton's largest Federal Government pipeline opportunities, ensuring the following key elements of every deal are telling a competitive, compelling, and consistent story: basis of estimate (BOE), subcontractor cost/negotiations, internal profit margin objectives, compliance to RFP requirements, cost/price volume creation/considerations, and comparison/challenge to independent PTW. Besides winning government contracts, he also enjoys winning the occasional card game and cheering on his favorite Super Bowl (Patriots) and World Series (Red Sox) champions.

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