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Proposal Coordinator

Our client is currently searching for a capable Coordinator/ Production manager with proven experience working in a fast paced Federal Proposal environment. Proposal coordinators support various aspects of the proposal ...

Proposal Writer

Excellent opportunity for a Proposal Writer in Arlington, VA. Our client is seeking a talented Proposal writer for a direct hire opportunity, and offers Shipley training, APMP membership, a collaborative, ...

Proposal Manager

Excellent Proposal Manager opportunity for a direct hire position in Arlington, VA. Our client offers Shipley training and APMP membership, and a collaborative, tight knit team environment, and exposure to ...

Proposal Writer

PDC is currently partnering with a major player in the federal contracting industry to identify capable and experienced federal proposal writers on a consulting basis!    This is a unique ...

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Full Spectrum Staffing
Business Development
Proposal Development
Program Support
Proposal Production
  • We provide the full spectrum of experienced proposal professionals nationwide-from business development/capture to proposal development and production to program management.
    Full Specturm Proposal Staffing
  • Having personnel on your team with the right agency experience and knowledge is critical to your business development goals. We listen to your needs and identify resources with the appropriate experience to complement your specific business development goals, whether you need a price to win expert for a specific agency bid or a direct hire capture manager.
    • Director of Business Development

      The Director of Business Development role is to manage, support, and supervise the business development department. Director of Business Development responsibilities include but are not limited to: initiating marketing strategies, setting sales targets, defining strategy to achieve these targets and following the set strategy punctually, developing draft proposals, developing concepts based on team meetings, managing the proposal development process and maintaining the time lines for the Proposal teams, supporting marketing activities (including trade/scientific shows, mailings). A strong Director of Business Development must have the ability to discuss strategic and sensitive issues with clients and internal teams.

    • Capture Manager

      The Capture Manager is responsible for developing and managing win strategies and short- and long-term capture team assignments. The Capture Manager works in partnership with the Proposal Manager and Program Manager to implement the strategy. A Capture Manager's responsibilities include but are not limited to: developing a compelling win strategy; achieving corporate/team partner buy-in; preparing, maintaining, and implementing the formal Capture Plan, including team assembly, conducting customer, self, and competition analyses, and intelligence gathering; establishing pricing strategy; assisting with the development of win themes, discriminators, and ghosts; identifying potential significant risks and determining how to mitigate them. The Capture Manager also establishes resource needs, including overhead and B&P budgets.

    • Competitive Intelligence

      Competitive Intelligence employees are responsible for producing actionable intelligence that improves win rates on high-priority opportunities within a business unit. A Competitive Intelligence employee fosters knowledge sharing within the organization and trains others in Competitive Intelligence tradecraft while producing in-depth, tailored competitive analyses for opportunities. The Competitive Intelligence employee is also responsible for analyzing new markets, facilitating black hat workshops and collaborating closely with price to win analysts.

    • Price to Win

      Price to Win employees operate as members of the Business Development team and are responsible for conducting Price to Win and competitive analysis on a full range of capture efforts. Price to Win employees are responsible for developing a bid pricing strategy and price recommendations, as well as collecting and analyzing public documentation and proposal debriefs using market-research tools to generate meaningful programmatic analyses to promote effective and strategic pricing solutions. The Price to Win employee also supports and participates in black hat strategy sessions to develop customer and competitor intelligence.

    • Black Hat

      The Black Hat will provide a competitive assessment to address the proposal's competition in terms of the responding team's strengths and weaknesses as compared to the competition, using standard evaluation criteria. A successful Black Hat will review and disseminate competitive intelligence about the competition, as well as review the capture and proposal strategies to improve the overall win theme and plan.

    Business Development - Proposal Staffing
  • We understand that an experienced proposal manager is at the core of all proposal activity. We can identify the right-fit candidate who can single-handedly work an entire effort and can also lead large teams. We can provide a full spectrum of proposal development support staff from writers, to coordinators and orals coaches.
    • Director of Proposals

      The Director of Proposals leads a team of proposal professionals and technical, functional, and corporate resources in the development of proposals in response to solicitations, and oversees the timely submittal of compliant proposals that relate the company's offer in all of its aspects. The Director of Proposals leads a team of managers and coordinators/analysts and graphic artists working with the business development organization. Director of Proposals is also responsible for directing all activities involved in the development and revision of proposals and is ultimately responsible for the employment, and training of assigned employees.

    • Proposal Manager

      The Proposal Manager is responsible for managing proposal development activities, including planning, writing, and delivery of customer-requested information. The Project Manager's responsibilities include but are not limited to: managing the Proposal team, ownership of proposal development within deadlines, developing and maintaining the proposal response with the Capture Manager, coordinating /conducting kick-off meetings and storyboard sessions. The Proposal Manager also develops win themes, and discriminators, creates the proposal outline, schedule and compliance matrix. Additionally the Project Manager leads all technical reviews, manages technical writing and graphics support resources to help establish priorities for completion. It's also expected to perform all Proposal Coordinator responsibilities in the absence of a Coordinator, overseeing the production of all proposal volumes.

    • Orals Coach

      The Orals Coach is responsible for preparing the Briefing team to present a winning oral proposal. The Orals Coach's responsibilities include but are not limited to: creating presentation outline, guiding presentation storyboarding, meeting with proposal writers and briefers to integrate proposal themes for consistency, establish oral presentation time lines, develop powerful introduction and conclusion, facilitate strategy and content review sessions with Capture, Proposal, and Executive Management teams, integrate compliance matrices and bidders' comparison data into the orals presentation. Orals Coach may also help select presentation team, coach individuals to present clearly, concisely, and persuasively; rehearse how to answer questions; build confidence and credibility within the presentation team.

    • Pricing/Cost Analyst

      The Pricing/Cost Analyst provides price, cost, and/or financial analysis for a myriad of procurements and contractual actions varying in complexity. The Pricing/Cost Analyst also advises the Acquisitions team as needed on price-, cost-, and/or financial-related matters through the development of sourcing strategies and the solicitation, evaluation, negotiation, and award of contractual actions for supplies and services. In addition, the Pricing/Cost Analyst works to provide business solutions to day-to-day contractual challenges and supports the entire Proposal Development team as needed.

    • Pricing Manager

      The Pricing Manager provides direct supervision of Pricing staff supporting the Proposal Development team and manages the pricing process to ensure the staff has required tools, knowledge, and information to successfully develop pricing proposals. In addition, the Pricing Manager presents pricing strategy and tactics in pricing reviews, promotes and enforces the use of standard pricing and estimating tools and processes, participates with leadership on Price-to-Win strategy, along with participating in color team reviews. The Pricing Manager also provides both strategic and tactical support by developing and preparing complex pricing proposals in response to customer requirements.

    • Volume Lead

      Volume Lead is in essence a Proposal Lead who can manage a section of a proposal and is tasked with preparing a compliant proposal volume. Volumes may include Pricing, Technical, Management, Past Performance, Staffing, and Executive Summary. Volume Lead's responsibilities may include but are not limited to: assisting the Proposal Manager in developing outlines, creating response matrices, managing the completion of Proposal Development worksheets and storyboards, and reviewing and editing volume sections as necessary.

    • Proposal Writer

      The Proposal Writer understands the approach, strategy, and themes/discriminators to write a compliant proposal. The Proposal Writer interviews and/or teams with Subject Matter Experts, researches, collects data, organizes information, and writes proposal text. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: preparing documentation for formal reviews and final submission, evaluating and incorporating appropriate comments into appropriate sections following major reviews, adhering to approved proposal outlines, and ensuring proposal compliance and responsiveness. The Proposal Writer must have the ability to understand technical requirements and provide clear, concise, credible, and compelling proposal material.

    • Past Performance Writer

      The Past Performance Writer understands the past performance/corporate experience approach, strategy, and themes/discriminators. The Past Performance Writer has to ensure that the chosen programs effectively implement, present, and sell the past performance and win strategy. The Past Performance Writer must be able to identify, vet, and prioritize potential past performance contracts and ensure proposal compliance and responsiveness. Responsibilities for the Past Performance Writer include but are not limited to: developing past performance and corporate experience descriptions, contacting all appropriate customers, teaming partners and internal resources to verify all past performance data. The Past Performance Writer will also develop past performance questionnaires, preparing documentation for formal reviews, evaluating and incorporating appropriate comments into project descriptions following major reviews.

    • Résumé Writer

      The Résumé Writer ensures that résumés effectively implement, present, and sell the personnel and win strategy. The Résumé Writer ensures proposal compliance and responsiveness, and understands the contract scope and labor category descriptions/qualifications. Responsibilities for the Résumé Writer include but are not limited to: developing résumés, cameos, and/or staffing matrices; preparing documentation for formal reviews; evaluating and incorporating appropriate comments into résumés following major reviews.

    • Technical Writer

      The Technical Writer understands the approach, strategy, and themes/discriminators to write a compliant proposal. The Technical Writer interviews and/or teams with Subject Matter Experts, researches, collects data, organizes information, and writes proposal text. Responsibilities for the Technical Writer include but are not limited to: preparing documentation for formal review and final submission, evaluating and incorporating appropriate comments into appropriate sections following major reviews, adhering to approved proposal outlines, and ensuring proposal compliance and responsiveness. The Technical Writer must have the ability to understand technical requirements and provide clear, concise, credible, and compelling proposal material.

    • Proposal Coordinator

      The Proposal Coordinator assists the Proposal Manager and is responsible for maintaining the Proposal Checklist and coordinating with Proposal Volume Managers to ensure all proposal tasks are fully completed. Responsibilities for the Proposal Coordinator may include but are not limited to: creating and updating kick-off package for review by the PM; enforcing proposal schedule; developing proposal document (shell) based on outline; performing formatting, DTP work, and word processing; and ensuring that all required materials (binders, CDs, tabs) are immediately available. The Proposal Coordinator is also responsible for providing production support, participating in quality control checks for all sections of the proposal, submitting questions to the government, ensuring appropriate filing of e-copies and hardcopy files, tracking shipments to ensure on-time delivery, and ensuring Proposal War Room is clear of any confidential/proprietary materials. The Proposal Coordinator essentially does anything the Proposal team needs in order to function effectively.

    • Color Team Reviewer

      The Color Team Reviewer is responsible for leading Color Team reviews as well as potentially returning for follow-up review/debrief. The Color Team Reviewer will review bid strategies and create a review schedule, as well as the assignment of review sections to reviewers and the compilation of comments and section scores from the rest of the Color Team. In addition, the Color Team reviewer will review the proposal against the RFP requirements and ensure compliance, along with ensuring that content style, win themes, and discriminators have been effectively incorporated.

    • Book Boss

      The Book Boss is responsible for designing, planning, and managing the volume and integrating it with all other proposal volumes to ensure compliance with, and responsiveness to, all RFP requirements. The Book Boss approves input to B&P budgets and forecasts and is the individual responsible for supporting fact-finding negotiation of proposals submitted. Developing and managing a detailed outline for the entire section/volume and integrating past performance and corporate strategy, in addition to reviewing and approval of all past performance descriptions.

    • Subject Matter Expert

      The Subject Matter Expert is the person who is considered expert in a particular field, area, or topic. It is the Subject Matter Expert's responsibility to work with the Proposal Development team in order to extract technical information and convert it into a form suitable for the audience. The SME is also required to sign off on documents for accuracy and to develop training materials for internal and external stakeholders.

    Proposal Development - Proposal Staffing
  • A desktop publisher or graphic artist with extensive federal proposals experience can make the winning difference for your proposal efforts. We provide proposal production contractors with the specific experience you need. And, our proprietary screening and assessment methodology ensures that you receive fully qualified contractors with the skills you require.
    • Program Manager

      The Program Manager is responsible for implementation of a contract for a client by coordinating and managing the actions taken by the Program team to execute the contract program. A Program Manager is the recognized leader and mentor, who serves as a Subject Matter Expert for project and program management processes and tools, as well as possessing extensive experience in the relevant industry area and understanding strategic issues that impact the contract owner and project management. The Project Manager must be capable of planning, organizing, directing, executing, monitoring, and controlling technical cost schedule and risk for complex programs.

    • Contracts Administrator

      The Contracts Administrator conducts proposal preparation, contract negotiation, and administration of major contracts while monitoring performance and conformance to original proposal. The Contracts Administrator also serves as a point of contact for clients and acts as advisor regarding contractual requirements, risk mitigation, customer specifications, and government regulations. Other responsibilities include administering company contracts, overseeing proposal preparation and contract negotiation, advising management of contractual rights and obligations, and providing interpretation of terms and conditions. The Contracts Administrator also reports regularly to management on contract issues and assists in the development and maintenance of the contract database.

    Program Management - Proposal Staffing
  • Congratulations on your win. We understand that an experienced program manager, project manager or contracts administrator are key to your continued success. We can staff experienced program support personnel to carry out the program requirements after award.
    • Proposal Editor

      The Proposal Editor works within a Proposal team to edit text and graphics for grammar, verb tense, readability, and compliance with the proposal instructions. The Proposal Editor ensures that the written material is clear, concise, factual, accurate, and consistent, and that the proposal effectively conveys the company's themes. The Proposal Editor has to provide one-voice editing for the entirety of the proposal. General responsibilities for the Proposal Editor include but are not limited to: reviewing any written information prepared in response to a solicitation, editing all proposal sections prior to and following the Red Team review, and ensuring proper spelling and phrasing, developing shells/templates, and final QC editing.

    • Graphic Artist

      The Graphic Artist is responsible for the design, preparation, and creation of high-quality covers, graphics, and templates for proposals and presentations. The Graphic Artist works directly with a Proposal team writer to express creative concepts, conceptualize ideas into graphics, and develop visual cues for a proposal. The Graphic Artist ensures that graphics communicate the proposal message clearly and consistently and exercises creative judgment to ensure proposal compliance. Other responsibilities for the Graphic Artist include but are not limited to: working with the Proposal team and technical staff to facilitate clear communication through graphics, creating, editing, and tracking all graphics associated with a proposal to ensure consistency with the win strategy.

    • Desktop Publisher

      The Desktop Publisher is responsible for preparation, formatting, and layout of high-quality text and templates for proposals and presentations. The Desktop Publisher integrates graphics and design elements to conform to desktop publishing standards and requirements, exercises creative judgment and abilities to ensure proposal compliance, and receives limited instructions aside from the style sheet/template.

    • Production Manager

      The Production Manager is responsible for managing all document production during the proposal response process. The Production Manager will provide RFP analysis, management and monitoring through delivery, and post-submittal activities. Also, the Production Manager is responsible for all issues relating to production, which includes configuration management, proposal coordination, desktop publishing, graphic development, and editing/quality assurance. The Production Manager works with the Proposal Manager to assemble the final version of the proposal including final review, tabs, binding, copying, mailing, etc. The primary function is to coordinate the proposal process and to ensure proposal responses are timely and of high quality.

    Proposal Production - Proposal Staffing

The PDC Difference

There are a number of advantages to working with PDC, such as our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff, award-winning service, top placement opportunities with leading contracting organizations, and worker classification compliance. We also offer:
  • Weekly pay
  • Bonuses for referring other contractors
  • Onboarding through MBO, a portable employer of record, to ensure tax regulation compliance for all contractors
  • Ongoing performance measurement through our PDC Experience Index, benchmarking ourselves against world-class service organizations

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Experienced Contractors
High quality proposal consultants and very quick, responsive staffing. You respond to my inquiries faster than any other staffing company, with people who are more likely to meet my needs. You also consider soft-skill factors, like personality, energy, etc." Proposal Manager, Government Contractor Client
Most of the editors sent my way did quite well on the writing test I gave them. I was impressed with their knowledge and approach." Response Center | H&PS NA Proposal, Government Contractor Client
I am very impressed with the professionalism, support and follow-up PDC provides to both their consultants and to clients." Director of Proposal Development, Government Contractor Client
Staff are very supportive and tuned in to both clients and consultants to make good matches on projects." Proposal Writer, Government Contractor Client
Quick, Responsive Service
Excellent response to my needs—résumés delivered in minutes, resources provided in time to meet my needs."Director of Proposals, Government Contractor Client
Head-and-shoulders above everyone else, very supportive and responsive." Graphic Artist, PDC Contractor
Excellent service, high-quality/experienced resources, able to turn on a dime."General Manager, Government Contractor Client
Customer service and response time is tremendous."Director, Business Development, Government Contractor Client
Quick response to fill requirements with highly qualified staff."Senior Proposal Manager, Government Contractor Client
Timely service with the appropriate level of tenacity."Editor, PDC Contractor
Reliable, Easy to Work With
PDC is the best group of supporters and agents that I have been with in the past ten years—professional, experienced, and highly capable. Kudos."Supervisor of Proposals, Government Contractor Client
PDC is the friendliest and most helpful company of proposal professionals in the DC Metro area. I highly recommend them to friends, colleagues and clients who don't already use them. Kudos always."Director, Business Development, Government Contractor Client
PDC offers excellent customer service. Their staff works closely with you to identify just the right kind of candidate for your position, so that your time is not wasted in looking at résumés or talking to candidates that are not appropriate."VP of Business Development, Government Contractor Client
They support their clients and their contractors to the fullest. They are always willing to help and make things easier for the consultants. Other consultants I met or interacted with also agree that they are the best in the business to work with."Proposal Coordinator, Government Contractor Client
All of my experience with Proposal Development Consultants has been, from the very beginning, deserving of the best recommendation that I can offer. The personnel are friendly, helpful and empathic, and operate on the highest level of professionalism. Working with PDC is a pleasure."Desktop Publisher, PDC Contractor
Classification Compliant
It's like having your own personal secretary to do your administrative work. The best part—no more filing quarterly taxes!"
With all the government regulations concerning employee classification, the fact that PDC utilizes MBO to ensure contractor compliance has provided us with the peace of mind we need. We can focus on the work at hand without the headaches of compliance, the contractors enjoy the benefits of weekly paychecks, and we appreciate the fact that we have happy contractors."Proposal Writer, PDC Contractor

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